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Turkey Burn


Last year on Thanksgiving we had our first large group class at the Performance Ranch. For those of you that were there, you may remember there were no racks, the turf was freshly laid down, and the Onnit training equipment was delivered the day before. In honor of this special milestone, we are offering “FREE” Turkey BURN classes on Thanksgiving for you and your friends & family. We only ask that you bring a non-perishable food item for Road Runner Food Bank as your entry. This High Intensity Class is focused on bodyweight training as well as unconventional tools maximized to burn calories in a 45 minute block. Come work up an appetite and be primed for continued caloric burn for the rest of the day. Research shows that you will have the effects of “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumptions,” meaning you will burn more calories due to the work you will perform. Please sign up for one of the sessions via the link below. These classes are limited to 16 people per class, so make sure to reserve your spot by clicking the link below.