The Standardized Athletic Test is a set of athletic measurements used to measure certain athletic skills.  The 5-10-5 (Pro Agility), the L Drill, the 40 Yard Dash, the broad jump and the Vertical Jump are measured by Zybek Equipment (same used in NFL Combine and the Olympics).  These tests as well as body metrics such as reach, wingspan, height, weight, and hand size are calculated for your information, to compare within a certain sample size, or to compare internationally with the world’s biggest and most accurate database of these measurements.

HOW DOES Performance Ranch


Performance Ranch is the first SAT Testing Center in New Mexico partnered with Zybek Sports.  Zybek has timed and evaluated the NFL Combine since 2009 as well as run the Olympic Training Center and we’ve brought it right here to New Mexico to help athletes of all ages. At the Performance Ranch, we test athletes with the same laser equipment as the NFL and provide the most accurate and unbiased scores possible with access to a huge national database of well over 100,000 athletes of all ages. The Performance Ranch/Zybek Database is what sets us apart as we can compare you with athletes and give you relative and target scores that truly assess how to go after those goals.



Zybek Sports covers all athletes and sport testing. From football to swimming, no matter the sport or conditioning training needed our 100% accurate laser timing systems will show you the data you need to succeed. Start your athletic performance and obtain your power index and begin your journey to the pro league.


If you are an athlete looking to get into a D-1 school and needing to know what the average stats you need, Zybek Sports gives you the edge to not only update live stats and show true performance numbers to coaches looking to pick up top talent, but also measure your own performance and decipher how you stack up against the competition.

D1 Nation Basketball Combine

Showcase and athlete combine. Come get tested with the latest equipment on the market. Know your vertical jump, floor speed and shot analytics. Play against the best players in our 5 on 5 marque matchups. This will be the largest showcase New Mexico has ever seen!