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Recovery is a service that helps every athlete stay healthy and 100% so they can achieve their fitness goals. We believe in an athlete-centered approach and that every individual should be given the necessary resources so they can optimize their human performance. As a result, we have included a free monthly massage therapy session for those that chose private, partner and small group training memberships. We want your body to feel great so you can continue to do exceptional things. It’s time you started training right: Train Hard, Train Smart.



muscle therapy


Nate Flores from Recover Muscle Therapy integrates techniques such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Active Release, Vibration Therapy, Cupping and Stretching, Nate is able to provide the best care for his clients. Included in every Performance Ranch Membership is a free 60-minute massage.


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We partnered with ELITE OSM™ to give our athletes access to the only Ortho-Therapy provider in New Mexico. They have unique approaches when it comes to the treatment of MSK conditions. Nearly all patients will notice a drastic improvement on the first visit, and treatment duration reaches full resolution typically within 5 treatments. ELITE-OSM™ spends the necessary time to take care of each person as they would a family member, and does not sacrifice true patient care for volume. All of their therapists are fully licensed professionals.

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