Performance Fuel Plan

by Dietitians ABQ


Tired of training hard and not seeing the results you hoped for? As the saying goes, you can't out train a poor diet. Let us help you remove all confusion about what to eat or not eat. With your fuel plan you will receive your very own customized plan letting you know exactly what you need to eat to optimize your performance! This fuel plan includes your personalized nutrition needs along with a packet of information on how to fuel for your sport! 


With this fuel plan you will:

  • Download and complete an intake form, allowing your plan to be customized to you.

  • Learn exactly how much food your body needs based on your goals when you download your pdf Fuel Plan.

  • Understand how to balance carbs, proteins, and fat using the extensive food planning packet included in your purchase.

  • Know exactly how to fuel before and after your workouts. 

  • Finally take your performance to the next level!