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The Performance Ranch suite of online programs and teams are delivered by TrainHeroic, a best in class mobile application that delivers our programming, exercise demo videos and tracking right to your fingertips.

We believe that consistency and participation drives success in strength and conditioning and that access to quality programming and coaching should be affordable to anyone who is willing to embrace the challenge.

Each ongoing team program is offered between $10 - 20 / Month. You can switch teams or cancel anytime.

You can also purchase a program for your specific sport enhancement.


strong team

Come and train like the pro's, our team is what we do in-house with your adult athletes on a weekly basis. Learn proper movements and conditioning protocols that will help you become the best version of yourself. 

This team is a 3-day a week strength and conditioning program for the adult athlete. Maximize your performance and conditioning with smart training that will help you achieve your goals.

We focus on foundational movements that will take your body and physical readiness to another level. 



MMA Strength and Conditioning

Want to train like Jon Jones, Cowboy Cerrone, John Dodson, Ray Borg, Nicco Montano, Devin Clark, and many other UFC pros, regional pros, and top amateurs? This program is what we are doing weekly with these athletes.  

This simple but effective program will have you moving better, feeling stronger and having more energy as you get deeper into the rounds. 



Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

8 Week S and C program

This 8 week program is designed for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete in mind. These methods have produced results with BJJ athletes starting at white belt all the way to high level black belts.During the next 8 weeks of training, you will develop the basic strength, power, and conditioning needed to succeed on the mats. Our 8 week program includes:

1. Dynamic Warm Up

-Designed to prepare the body to move efficiently and effectively for upcoming training while reducing the risk for injuries. 

2. Power Development

-Develops the rate of force development through medicine ball and plyometric training with the focus to transfer power to the mats.

3. Strength

-While proper technique will ultimately win you a match, proper strength will allow you to express those techniques efficiently and effectively. This program will provide movements, volume, and intensity that will transfer from the gym to the mats.

4. Conditioning

-This program will develop the proper energy systems responsible for high performance in BJJ. This includes having the ability to perform at both low and high intestines efficiently.

5. Injury Prevention

-Not only do these methods improve performance on the mat but they also reduce the risk of sustaining preventable injuries by bulletproofing the body with proper strength and technique.

$45 for the Program